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About E-Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell or E-Cell of IISWBM is an inter-departmental committee that is dedicated towards promoting and inculcating entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in the minds of young students. It is a student organization, whose members diversify from all departments across IISWBM, dedicated towards nurturing and fostering innovation and inspire creativity.


E-Cell IISWBM provides a platform for the students to pursue entrepreneurial activities and also provide assistance to potential entrepreneurs, by hosting its Annual Entrepreneurship Summit, "Entreprerna". E-Cell is driven by the belief that entrepreneurs are the major driving forces behind every country’s growth and that they pave the way for a better tomorrow altogether.


E-Cell IISWBM believes in values of promoting social wellbeing and social development. It provides the possibility to encourage Entrepreneurship along with a Social Message, by organizing its Annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit, "Umeed" : an initiative to contribute to the society that we are a part and raising social awareness with the help of social entrepreneurs.

Team E-Cell IISWBM at Bholananda Oldage Home, Barrackpore, as a part of “Umeed 2023 – Raising Smiles” activities to help underpriviledged old citizens and foster the spirit of social welfare.

The E-Cell of IISWBM is dedicated towards promoting entrepreneurial skills, nurturing innovation and providing startup resources, from idea to launch.

E-Cell IISWBM, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, College Square West, Kolkata- 700073.


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