Umeed 2019

Happiness is extremely contagious.
With radiant eyes and innocent smiles, these kids filled our hearts with unadulterated happiness."


The Annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit

UMEED is an initiative, solely focused on giving back to the society. The Two-day Summit consists of Social Welfare activities, of reaching out to the community, followed by a second day of celebrating Social Entrepreneurship through various events.

The Umeed Story

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. –Mother Teresa

UMEED, as the name suggests is an event proposing to escalate the hearts and minds of people with HOPE. E-Cell of IISWBM believes in values of promoting social wellbeing and social development simultaneously. It intends to provide the possibility to encourage Entrepreneurship along with a Social Message, by organising its Annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit, “UMEED”: an initiative to contribute to the society that we are a part of and raising social awareness with the help of social entrepreneurs.

Through this event, E-Cell intends to spread the message of enriching communities’ by engaging in social welfare activities and inviting Social Entrepreneurs, to share their experiences with us and help encourage the students to move forward with their entrepreneurship skill. 

This Annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit , is also organized to kindle and sharpen the entrepreneurship skills among the students through diverse intra-college contests and simultaneously taking a step ahead to take up the Social Responsibility in order to cater to the needs of ‘Hope for a better future’ in the entire society.

It is an amalgamation of 3 events – Raising Smiles, Kha-e-Jao and Chalo Bachaye Jal.

One of the best feeling in the world is that of ‘Giving’. The positive energy that a simple act of giving exhibits is extremely contagious. With just one act of kindness, one can inspire others to go out and plant the seeds of Happiness; and E-cell of IISWBM’s initiative Raising Smile aspires to do the same.

Raising Smiles

The E-CELL of IISWBM Kolkata, conducted the first event of the institution’s calendar, Raising Smiles, on 15th September 2019. It is a part of the Annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit, UMEED 2019. The event was successfully conducted on the grounds of Ramakrishna Mission, Rahara, an orphanage and school for young boys, which is popularly addressed as HOME.

Prior to the event, a donation was collected from the students, teachers, and staff members of the institution. Stationery items like notebooks, pencil sets, sketch pens and pencil boxes were distributed to 200+ kids. Along with these, food items favourite to kids like chocolates, fruit juices and biscuits were also distributed to them. Also, keeping in mind the health and nutrition needs of the kids, fresh fruits like melons, pomegranates and apples were also distributed.

The entire E-CELL team was greeted by a bouquet of flowers, handmade by the children themselves. ‘Noon Prasad’ was arranged by the authorities of the Mission for all the E-Cell team members. The Prasad did remind each one of us of our respective HOMES. The experience was highly overwhelming and humbling for each team member. The children were extremely co-operative and cordial to all of us. They were immensely happy by our visit, and that got reflected in their twinkling eyes.

A visit to this serene environment with sunshine and birds chirping around, enhanced the joy of sharing. The members of E-CELL spent the entire afternoon with the kids there and experienced the joy of loving and caring. Being able to do a small part towards the wellbeing of the kids, who form the future of the nation, was a privilege to the Team Members.

E-CELL is extremely thankful to everyone associated with the event, special mention to the Administrative Department of RKM, Rahara and every other person who contributed in cash or kind to make this event a successful one.


KHA-E-JAO, the Food Festival of IISWBM, is an intra-college competition. It is a platform for the students to showcase their culinary skills. The participants formed in teams are allotted stalls in the college campus itself, where they must sell their self-cooked dishes through intriguing marketing and promotional strategies.

 A total of 11 teams from across all the departments had participated in Kha-e-Jao 2019 and put up food stalls ranging from Chinese to Mughal to Bengali dishes. The audience were able to relish on mouth-watering dishes like Biryani, Luchi and Kasha Mangsho, Hakka Noodles and Dragon Chicken, different kinds of Kebabs, and different forms of snacks like Chicken Chaat, Fuchka, etc. Finally, there were a variety of tasty desserts to gorge on such as mishti, ice cream, smoothies, etc.

The event was a hit among the students within and outside IISWBM. Guests of Honors, Professors and faculty members – all were present and were enthusiastic about this event.

This year the event had joint winners, Ice Walkers, and Ishq-e-Biryani. The first runner was Food Comm and the second runner up was Chomp Sticks.

Entrepreneurship for a Social Cause

The last segment of the amalgamation intends to ignite the young minds with ideas proposing them to take a responsible step towards the most immediate ongoing social crisis through a competition. Participants from across different colleges are asked to excise their creative minds and present their social entrepreneurship ideas, in front of the Judges for the day.  This is also the segment where notable Social Entrepreneurs grace the stage of UMEED and the audience an insight of their inspiring journey.

Our first honorable Guest Speaker Somak Ghosh shared his experiences as an employee to a company and then working in the field of movies and radio with the audience. Being a notable alumni of the institution he expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the institution and enlightened the youth with life-long advice.

The next person to address the audience was Shri Kapilananda Mondal, the founder of Vivekananda Sevakendra-O-Shishu Uddyan (VSSU), a society dedicated towards community development goals. A self made man, Shri Kapilananda Mondal started his programme by micro-finance and ended up funding other small organizations to help them in their growth and expansion, to name present day Bandhan Bank. The presentation shown by him focused on his experiences over thirty years working in the field of community development. His most recent project is providing low cost health services to the masses.

Our last Speaker for the day, Miss Pauline Laravoire, Sustainability Director, Techno India Group spoke about her journey all the way from France to Kolkata. She is also the founder of Y-East, an organisation dedicated to sustainable development. She highlighted the importance of Sustainable Development Goals as recognized by the United Nations. She highlighted the scenario of the environment we live in over a very interactive session. Her recent project of cleaning the river Ganga, Hooghly River Clean-up Project, undertaken by her organisation, Y-East in collaboration with Bouddi Solutions, is a thoughtful initiative

Chalo Bachaye Jal

Chalo-Bachaye-Jal, was the inter-college event where students from different colleges came up with business ideas or model, product or service that can provide relief and ease off the current situation of water scarcity, before the Judges. The event was presented by Learning While Traveling, which deals in Mentorship aggregation model and aims to empower students to take informed decision about their career.

The Judges for the panel were – Pauline Laravoire, Founder of Y-East; Mr Vishal Kumar, the Founder CEO of Learning While Traveling; and Rohit Gupta, Brand Manager and Project Head of Learning While Traveling. There were 8 teams that had qualified for the 1st round and grabbed the chance to present their PPT in front of the judges’ panel.  The Winning team and 1st and 2nd Runner-up were awarded two-way Singapore tickets and a lifetime opportunity to participate in International Start-up Enrichment Tour (ISET) 2020. However, the judges keeping in mind the potential and hard work of all the teams decided to gift one more team this opportunity to travel to Singapore and participate in ISET.

The winner of Chalo Bachaye Jal was team ‘Retail For Hope’ from IISWBM. The 1st Runner Up and the 2nd Runner Up were the teams ‘Think Tank‘ from Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management and ‘Team 1’ from Bhawanipur Education Society. The fourth winner who was selected through a lucky draw initiated by the judges themselves was team ‘Zenith’ from University of Engineering and Management.

The E-Cell of IISWBM is dedicated towards promoting entrepreneurial skills, nurturing innovation and providing startup resources, from idea to launch.

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