Umeed 2020

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present." - Jim Rohn

Umeed 2k20

The Annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit

UMEED is an initiative, solely focused on giving back to the society. The Two-day Summit consists of Social Welfare activities, of reaching out to the community, followed by a second day of celebrating Social Entrepreneurship through various events.

The Umeed Story

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” – Jonas Salk

UMEED, The Annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit of E-Cell, IISWBM is conducted to encourage and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit among the youths, with the collective aim of contributing towards societal growth.

On 16th of January,2021, UMEED 2020 was held in the digital mode, to uplift our minds from the harsh out-turns of the Pandemic and enlighten the ray of hope and positivity within us.

It was conducted in three segments:

  • Article Writing Contest
  • Treasure Hunt and Case Study
  • Panel Discussion on “ The Post Covid World: A Shift in Mental Health Issues and Solutions; From Education to Career and Relationships”

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.” 

– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Article Writing

The Article Writing Contest was the very first event of UMEED 2020. The participants were given two topics namely-

1) Remuneration to Homemakers, as a Govt policy. For or against.

2) Is online learning a digital discrimination? For or against

among which they had to choose one and write an article about it.

UMEED 2020 addressed the social issues that we are faced, in the current scenario.

The participants were given these topics so that we can understand their outlook and take on these issues.


Click the names to view the winning articles:

Treasure Hunt & Case Study Competition

The Treasure Hunt and Case Study Competition was an inter-college competition held on the Dare 2 Compete Platform, through which E-CELL IISWBM, was able to gather the participation of more than 200 teams from across different colleges in India.


With a total of 2 rounds, this segment was an amalgamation of brainstorming with a focus on social entrepreneurship. In the first round, i.e., Treasure Hunt, the team members were to hunt through some given clues to become one of the first 10 teams to be qualified for the 2nd round, the Case Study Competition. In the second/last round, the qualifying 10 teams went on to wear their thinking caps to analyse the given case study and bring forth the most feasible social and entrepreneurial based solutions within a stipulated timeframe.


The winners of this Competition are: Team Co-Alliance as the Winner, followed by Team Homies as the First runner-up and Team Darth Jedi as the Second runner-up.


Panel Discussion

2020 has been a year full of twists and turns, as the Global Pandemic ascended as an eclipse on the lives of the people. The pandemic brought about a threat of long-simmering mental health crisis on the lives of the youth, as they were unable to access schools/colleges physically; facing job insecurity and disrupted community and familial bonds.


In order to make conversations about the mental health of youths more normal, and to analyse the further career opportunities in the post Covid-19 Mental Health Sector, E-Cell IISWBM came up with the initiative of organising a Panel Discussion on “The Post Covid World: A Shift in Mental Health Issues and Solutions; from Education, to Career and Relationships”.


In this enlightening session, we got to hear the insightful speeches of our eminent speakers – Dr. Nisha Khanna (Mental Health Professional & Certified Counselor), Ms. Shipra Dawar (Founder & CEO of IWill Therapy & and Dr. Rajat Mitra (Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Author); and our Moderator, Ms. Meetu Chawla (Founder and CEO, Thinkerminds, Learning Specialist & Professional Success Coach).


Our panelists highlighted the effect of pandemic on the several spheres of our life, beginning from personal and family relationships to the dynamics of work and career.  The positive changes in our life and surroundings as an effect of the pandemic were also discussed. Emphasis was laid on how inclusion of self-love, acceptance and minor life-style changes could make a huge difference in our lives positively amidst the global pandemic. Through this entire session, the young audience were also able to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the future Entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of mental health and ways to maintain the sustainability of their business.

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